by Disaster Jacks

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released December 4, 2018

Recorded and mastered in EM estudi.
All songs written by Disaster Jacks.
Keep the scene alive!


all rights reserved



Disaster Jacks Sabadell, Spain

Disaster Jacks is a Hardcore Punk band from Sabadell (Catalunya).
Beers and skate since 2005. In 2016 we released our first album 'Acid Drop' and we went on tour around Europe. In 2018 our second LP 'self-titlet' will come out!
See you out there in the pit!
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Track Name: Current Disorder
Driven by the night
Wet cheeks, double side moons
No beer for two weeks!
Finding the reason in this melody
Play the next chord Dave

Disturbing problems on the streets
Fighting for a flag
While i pee on my sheets
My menstruation, new decoration
Katsup desease on my potato chips

I'm feeling good if you missunderstand
I'm really drunk and i don't give a shit
Everything is a crap, and it becomes blue
Control is not the word for this mess!

Let's start again, when two become friends
The pores remain, waiting to join the game
The moon is up again, animal sirens
Dracula was right... it's just a LOVE FIGHT!

Finding another way in this cave to stay
Wound is infected, give up reaction
You ain't got a clue, and you are a shit like me
Don't you worry dude,
I'll never explain it to you
Track Name: Prost!
We’ve got the shit up in the van let’s go away
Hundreds of miles about to make explode our heads
Playin’ hard tonight!
Playin’ hard tomorrow again!

We took the squad tired as fuck drinking a beer
On road again cuz Hamburg isn’t near
Loser Youth on fire
Rotte Flora we are here

That’s the point,when you’re about to fail
The only thing to do is take a shot of Pfeffer
That’s the point, when you’re about to fail
The only thing to do is drink a shot of Pfefferminz!

Even more gas to cross the country the next day
In Hof we skate after a show inside a cage
Sleeping with a rat
Animal prints just everywhere

We are too late without soundcheck yes we can play
At Sonic Ballroom Clowns took all the fucking beer
With Kempo and Liza the fucking best night of the year!
Track Name: 3 AM at the Liquor Store
How much time will we live in deception
Counting the times you have lost perfection,
How many times you’ll see the sunrise,
Regretting to accept the last sad goodbye.
The days are gone and you’re still breathing,
So get up your sit and keep on believing.
Keep on running, writing this song.
Still don’t know what the fuck is wrong.

And someone told me that you have been lost
In a perfect spot
And someone tell me,let’s go out tonight
The moon is out now
And your head’s on the grass...

We have to walk to a liquor store
Let’s be fresh, not thirsty, feel better than before
I want you to know, you’ll rise up
let’s get drunk tonight and shut the fuck up
Do not be afraid, when you wake up next day
‘cause everything fades to start a new way
You hit your head just to get off your bed,
Just remember, one day you will be dead
Track Name: Palmero's
He was a punkrocker
Smoking big cigars
Waiting for a reason
Trying to fix his scars

So he had the cash
And he loved rock and roll
Maybe he was a punk star
Far from home,
Stuck in a hole
Never alone

He was a punkrocker
Smoking big cigars
Waiting for a reason
Trying to fix his scars

Sitting for hours,
People come and go
You wonder why
You left your past in the dirt
You still carry the regrets,
Letters are burning
You turn it off,
Empty eyes behind your lies
Track Name: Pills
Let’s take some pills
Act like your fine
Ride and bomb the hills
It’s 1969

Is my atmosphere
far away from here?

Your eyes come to my mind
I’ve never been so high

Stay for a while
What’s all about?!
Time, give me time
I’m freaking out!

Trip to the city

lights go down, it looks so pretty,
birds get quiet while you sing that song
We’re beyond the sea, magic is on
Is my atmosphere far away from here?

My feet are upside down,
I‘ll come back to town
Track Name: Workers Paradise
Invisible society
they squeeze your eyes until you bleed
Just be brave ‘till you die,
keep in fight, fuck off their lies
Sentencing the working class,
Day by day kicking your ass
Sleepless nights choose empty hearts
Rusty knives reveal old scars

Get straight, don’t apologize
Squeeze your fist...Don’t fall apart!

Break the hours, time to hit
coffee is sour, can we breath?
Just be brave ‘till you die,
keep in fight, fuck off their lies
Track Name: Full Relapse
Sunday morning, ash inside my head
I can’t remember what I did but it was wrong.
I see you naked by my side, your scratched back
And in my face my silly after sex smile...

I just want to get out of here.
I just need help to face this fear.
Tell me what’s wrong, I’m giving up
Put on your boots and say goodbye.

I’m on the edge of falling all the way down,
Our self-destroying is an art that no one buys.
And I wonder what the fuck you have to say
Let’s drink a beer and let the shit start again.

I’m surrounded by stranger sounds,
They’re coming up loud through my veins,
Please tell me what are you hearing now,
I only want to scream them looooooud!
Track Name: Timmy The Cat
You better watch your back!
No one’s gonna mess with Timmy the cat

She’s so pretty, she’s so young
She’s the one ‘coz she’s a punk!

Careful what you swank about!
She will yell your ears out

She got the balls to piss you off!
But you’ll still yearn for her love
Track Name: Old Rats
Welcome To my alleyway,
Lookaside it’s paradise
Do you dare to look at us,
Yes we are, we’re fucking rats

Old Rats, Old Rats
Live in the fucking ditch!!!

In the ditch we skate and drink
As you learn how to be true
You get attention
How cool are you?
You’re welcome babe,
So long you fool!

Old Rats, Old Rats
Live in the fucking ditch!!!
Track Name: Everlast
Dropping all my deepest thoughts
Licking glasses till i’m off
Suffering deep anxiety
Unspoken words, my stomach growls

I remember you as the most sincere smile
Your precious lights were painted black
Blood trails, in the shadows of my thoughts
Our kicks will bury his guts
I can’t explain all these dark nights...

I wish i could cut off his nuts
Where did your joyful eyes go
He took your genius soul
We’re in the fight!
I remember you as the most sincere smile
Your precious lights were painted black
To those who don’t pay for their crimes
‘Cause gisa left us that night!!!

And then your light appears
Just flowing upon my tears
Those days skating flat
Love, punk rock songs and beers
So tell me when you’re here
To keep our fears away
Just tell me that you’ll stay
We’re lost after all this time away!

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